Saturday, June 6, 2009

Circumzenithal Arc and Solar Halo

Some of the students at the school where I work came into the staff room asking their teacher for a digital camera, they were quite excited about seeing a rainbow.
As well they should have been! It was not your everyday rainbow but an 'up-side down' rainbow, or more correctly a Circumzenithal Arc!
This was my first time seeing such a rainbow and I was and still am surprised at how vivid the colours were, much brighter than any rainbow I had seen before.

Incredibly, this rare rainbow was accompanied by another rare solar halo. You can see a portion of it in the top of this photo.

The Arc, lower, extended horizontally across a good portion of the sky, and the halo with fainter colours encircled the sun.

Almost had the full arc here, but it is just as bright to look at the sun directly as it is through the lens of the camera. I needed to aim with my hand blocking the sun and shoot blindly lest I risk eye damage.
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