Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kaiyukan 2010

Last Sunday we went to the Kaiyukan, the aquarium in Osaka. This time I only overheard 'Wow that ought to be tasty', at the deep sea exhibit with the spider crabs. Aquariums are dark and the subjects constantly in motion. In order to get somewhat clear pictures I set the exposure to 1/50th sec and the ISO to 1600, aperture was usually at 3.5-4.5 the widest my lens can go.
I did manage to get a few good fishy portraits.

Amazon Exhibit, Iguanna

Reflected fish
Capybara, the R.O.U.S. of the real world.
Happy shark!
Finless Porpoise
Too cool
Whale shark.
Jelly fish.
Moon Jellies
Porcupine fish, wants you to come say 'Hi!'