Monday, March 30, 2009

Street Festival in DenDen Town

On March 20th, coinciding with the public holiday for the spring equinox in Japan. A street festival was held in Denden town, the electronics (less so now) and Anime/gaming centre of Osaka.
Many people were in costumes based on game and anime characters most of which were very elaborate. You might recognize some of them, I recognized a few though not terribly many.

Friends, with whom I went to the festival, I don't think anyone is a specific character, could be wrong though.


Everyone had a camera, everyone.

I think it is the Aflac duck.

Everyone was having a very good time.

This guy went full Gundam, very very good costume. No humanity was visible.

I am thinking some kind of Japanese horror film or game, they look too innocent for anything else.

Another very elaborate costume, right down to the irides.

I did say everyone had a camera.

To get attention: Girl + Leather * Sword

This was the biggest crowd of photographers/people with camera phones that I saw during the entire festival.

I think this guy should get some credit for originality, classic game, perfect costume for it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Buds

Spring has arrived in Japan, and the cherry blossoms are almost ready to bloom. A few weeks ago I also purchased a new Macro Lens for my camera and here are some of the first results.Cherry buds

Momiji (Japanese Maple)

Cherry, almost ready to unfurl its petals.


Some small purple flower.

Late blooming plum blossoms, most plum trees finished blooming about a week or two ago.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Portraiture in pink

A very pink photoshoot!
It was a lot of fun, all in pink.

Allison and Gloomy.


Kwame, with a hairy cat paw.

Kate really likes pink.

Mina in pink, petting a pretty pink puppy.

I'm pretty, it says so. (Zach, Miku, Konatsu)

Passed out in pink.

Pink, it's serious business.