Sunday, June 5, 2016

ROR Comedy: New material, renewed venue.

This night saw most of the comedians that are a part of the ROR group try out some new material in the recently remodeled stage area below the L&L bar.
The wonderful atmosphere and great jokes made for a thoroughly entertaining event!

Rodney hosted the night and also provided a fair bit of laughs as well.

Momo explained about peaches.

Humour is international! 

Leandro Soares

Dan Dorman

 Yuuma enjoying the humour.

 Tom Law

Austin Godfrey 

Scott Crowe  

Edd Daggers

The New Stage:

The Bar, for liquid courage should you need it.

The Mic: sometimes open mics are held, you can try it out yourself!

ROR Comedy: Guest Comedians

Recently ROR hosted two acts from London in the UK:

First was Yuriko Kotani who delivered some great comedy about things in the UK that are quite Brit-ish.

She was followed by the intensely energetic Phil Nichol:

 Who even included some great audience participation: