Saturday, December 4, 2010

Portrait Session 2

The second installment of the 'Portrait Session' series.
Kwame, of the 'Pirates of the Dotombori' Kansai's best improv group, needed some portraits and I needed to take some portraits.
This guerrilla style shoot took place at the ATC in Osaka.

Running for Prime Minister perhaps.

Autumn in Nara

Recently, I went to Nara park to take in the autumn leaves, as did many many other people. Thankfully, the park is very spacious and did not feel crowded;
even with hundreds of people and deer.
The Japanese Maple, or Momiji, turns a brilliant red, which came through even on this somewhat cloudy day.

My favourite picture from this outing. Ironically as there no autumn leaves in the frame, it could be taken at anytime of the year with dark overcast skies.