Monday, January 26, 2009

Shop Lanterns

There are many styles of shop lanterns in Japan. Most are the small barrel shaped lantern, usually red or white with the name of the store or what is sold inside written on them using a traditional calligraphy brush. Here are a few of the more extravagant lanterns. I much prefer these to the neon lights of Dotombori (most famous of which is the Glico Running Man), they just have so much more character. I'll add more examples of this art form as I find and shoot them
Nen-chan who holds the spatula for making okonomiyaki, which literally translates to 'grilled as you like', and is cooked on a table like hot plate right in front of you. It is very tasty and quite filling. If you look closely there are pictures of okonomiyaki on the menu beside Nen-chan.

This impish character is selling some kind of Katsu, which is a breaded deep fried something, could be a pork cutlet, could be fish, noodles, skewered bits of vegetables.

This lantern tower is about 2 or 3 stories tall, it is a bit hard to see the top parts of them, but they are all Fugu, the poisonous puffer fish, sliced thinly and served beautifully arranged on a plate for a good sum of money. I have yet to eat fugu.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kaiyukan - Osaka

Last weekend I took a trip to the aquarium here in Osaka, the Kaiyukan.
Where we saw many fishes and over heard the odd person saying how tasty a particular fish looked.

An Iguanna, relaxing above the amazonian fishes.

It's looking right at me!

One of the two whale sharks that are major attractions for the aquarium. There isn't much in the back ground give a good representation of the size of this whale shark, but its mouth is about 1 metre wide.

Sardines! Swimming 'round and 'round. Every now and then, the squid in the upper left help themselves to their very own kaitenzushi (the coveyor belt sushi restaurants).

Near the end of the aquarium is a specialized area hosting various jellyfish, who float around and ponder the mysteries of the universe.