Friday, July 23, 2010

Wakayama - Shirahama

A recent day trip to Shirahama in Wakayama, that due to traffic turned into a day and most of the night trip. We visited Sandanheki, Senjojiki, Shirahama Beach, and Engetsudo. But that's enough about time and proper chronology.

Walk without rhythm...

Looking under rocks can turn up surprises.
Epic wind rippled shirt.

Sandanheki - made of three different types of rock.

The cave/shrine/samurai era naval base within Sandanheki
Lanterns on the roof of the cavern containing the shrine, electric now.

Rusted Gauge.
Engetsudo - at sunset of course.

Looking out from the cave within Sandanheki, a Moai
Inside there was an even scarier face.
Devonian fauna alive and well on Senjojiki.
Ligia exotica - or sea roach is about 5cm long (body) then you add the antennae. When Allison shooed it away, it didn't run but turned around with a menacing look in its eyes as though it meant to charge.