Monday, March 30, 2009

Street Festival in DenDen Town

On March 20th, coinciding with the public holiday for the spring equinox in Japan. A street festival was held in Denden town, the electronics (less so now) and Anime/gaming centre of Osaka.
Many people were in costumes based on game and anime characters most of which were very elaborate. You might recognize some of them, I recognized a few though not terribly many.

Friends, with whom I went to the festival, I don't think anyone is a specific character, could be wrong though.


Everyone had a camera, everyone.

I think it is the Aflac duck.

Everyone was having a very good time.

This guy went full Gundam, very very good costume. No humanity was visible.

I am thinking some kind of Japanese horror film or game, they look too innocent for anything else.

Another very elaborate costume, right down to the irides.

I did say everyone had a camera.

To get attention: Girl + Leather * Sword

This was the biggest crowd of photographers/people with camera phones that I saw during the entire festival.

I think this guy should get some credit for originality, classic game, perfect costume for it.
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