Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bigger, Faster, Stronger Crawling Creatures

I had a small bit of luck and was able to shoot a few of the faster creatures that inhabit the area around the school where I work.

This little brown lizard is very well camouflaged and I only managed to spot it after hearing it run through the dried leaves. Usually that means I am too late to even see them but not this time!
This gecko was hanging out on the wall, looking for a place to lay her eggs I suspect.

Pregnant gecko!

Amazingly this large green dragonfly allowed me to get quite close without flying off. I know getting sand in my eyes hurts a lot though it doesn't seem to bother him.

A leaf!

No, just a rather stocky moth.

Something is hiding in the shrub...

A white-sided longhorn beetle (Batocera Lineolata). While related to the pine beetle it is about twice the length and I would guess about 8 times the weight.

Those massive jaws are why I kept it on a stick, rather than my hand.
Looking down from the top we can see that the compound eye actually wraps around and behind the antennae! It also has a nice goth style spiked collar.
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