Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evening in Osaka

The JR Osaka station is undergoing and extensive remodeling and the cranes have moved a bit from the last time I shot them, last year.

As it was evening, I decided to use some slower shutter speeds to photograph people crossing the street. I think it is quite interesting that even if the person has been rendered into a blur by their movement, there is almost always on foot firmly anchored to the ground.

When crossing the street, pay attention to the walk/don't walk sign!
A long exposure helps to show the cars are moving, not merely parked on the road.

Ironically enough, a higher shutter speed helps to get the moon sharp. Despite it being dark the moon is actually quite bright and very easy to overexpose. This was taken at 1/160 seconds, a setting more common to taking shots in daylight.
The fast shutter also helped to get rid of the abundant light pollution in downtown Osaka.
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