Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Small things....larger!

It is spring, almost summer, once again in Japan, for this post I decided to take some close ups of the various flying and crawling friends that have awoken with the lengthening days.
I still don't have a lens to get extremely close to my subjects but, with 12 mega pixels, a good sharp image can be cropped to achieve much the same effect.

Click the photos to enlarge.

A fly perched upon a flower petal.

This particular fly does its best to look like a wasp and thus scarier than it deserves!

A rather hairy butterfly sipping nectar concludes the prey section of this post.

Any gardener will welcome the Ladybug, destroyer of aphids in their garden.

Got 'im!
Spider dines on a gnat.

A surprisingly large jumping spider (11mm long) investigates a stray piece of cloth in a sink.

And decides the camera was much more interesting!
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