Sunday, May 25, 2014

Xitang (night), Zhejiang, China

After dusk Xitang transforms from a bustling tourism centre to a bustling entertainment district.
It does still retain the old market town atmosphere, augmented with electric lights.

Many of the restaurants become night clubs, complete with video screens, live music and light effects.  

 The water taxis transport guests from point to point along the canals late into the night.

Free photography tip: if you're taking photos at night and want longer exposure times but forgot your tripod; put the camera on something (bridge post, bench, some random motorcycle) and use the timer to take the picture.  Putting the camera down will eliminate motion blur from holding the camera in your hands. Using the timer will isolate the camera from the shock of pressing the shutter button, this becomes an issue when taking shots at night that include light sources.
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