Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cretaceous wonders

Devil horned face seems pretty accurate.

While Triceratops is perhaps the second most famous dinosaur in the world, it doesn't seem to be very big in our imagination.  Almost always depicted interacting with T-rex, which is a huge predator, Triceratops seems small in comparison.  It was massive.  Triceratops was 9m long, it's skull alone was 2m, with huge legs to support its bulk; estimated between 6 to 12 tonnes twice that of a large male African Elephant.  
Seeing a herd of these animals would have been breath taking and rather intimidating, the adults were about 3 meters tall.

The reconstruction below was on a 1m high platform so as to not take up even more floor space.
Standing on the same level I would bump my head on its chin.

 No exhibition of triceratops and its relatives would be complete with the predator which likely ate many of them: Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Though to be honest it seemed rather spindly compared to the triceratops next to it.
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