Monday, March 1, 2010

Noir at Midday Rail

At the rail yard near the docks I was trying to pick up some leads for the case.

Seemed to me that every other Dick and Jane was working the same case.
Hell, we all probably were.

Only one person didn't have a hat. I'd a feeling in my gut saying she had something to do with the case; and it had to be information, no one with jewels like that would be trying to scrape a few clams together by solving this rusted nut of an investigation.

Thought I'd try to be inconspicuous.

It was easy to spot the Jane who was working the case; she was as inconspicuous as I was, in exactly the way that people like us aren't.

That many people in hats, makes honest people spin stuff out of thin air just so you leave them alone. The dick in the vest even went so far as to take off his hat.

Looks like he knew the dame from somewhere that wasn't here and it seemed that she knew him from somewhere that wasn't here as well.

They both took off at a brisk walk.
Presumably to that somewhere that wasn't here.
I tailed them around a corner leading to an alley near the rails.
A sense of being near the end of the case building with each step.

I knew everything was going to end up in a dark place with lots of ducts, always does these days. At least the matter would be finished soon, there sure were a lot of ducts here...
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