Monday, July 27, 2009

What a big horn you have?!

All the better to knock you off the branch and claim the females for myself!
I was fortunate enough to spot this rhinoceros beetle clinging to the underside of a leaf as shelter from the earlier rain.

I put him back where I found him, no worse for wear.

A yellow dragonfly resting on a dried up plant.

My noise maker goes to 11!
Cicadas are also out in ear splitting force. They are harmless, most with a ridged radiator like plate where their mouth would be and surprisingly well camouflaged for their considerable size. 8cm from head to the end of the body, about 12cm to the end of the wings.
Even though they are incredibly loud, it is very difficult to discern exactly where the noise is coming from as they all 'sing' at the same time in the same pitch.
There are brown ones too! Different species, different pitch, same volume.

And ending with a not so creepy butterfly.
Until you consider its tongue is longer than its legs.
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