Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse July, 22 2009

The first solar eclipse visible in Japan in 46 years, it was visible throughout Japan and many parts of India and China. Shanghai actually got to experience totality but here in Osaka we were only in the umbra and had the moon cover about 86% of the sun at the maximum. The day didn't turn to night as the entire sun was not blocked but it did get considerably darker.

Unfortunately, it was overcast during the event. However, I did manage to get a few shots when the clouds allowed glimpses of the sun and moon just before the maximum occlusion and about 45 minutes afterward. The images have had the exposure levels corrected, and some dust spots removed in photoshop, they were a bit overexposed, but are otherwise untouched.

About 14 minutes before the maximum occlusion.
Also, my favourite shot.
About 13 minutes before the maximum occlusion.

And the last at about 45 minutes after maximum.
The clouds were still rather thick.
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