Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tokyo 2013

A three day trip to Tokyo, to see the sights.

Statue of Kusunoki Masahige

Asakusa (Senso-ji)

Tokyo Tower, undergoing a year long paint renewal which happens every 5 years.

Tokyo skyline as seen from Tokyo tower.

Tokyo Disneyland!  
They had a great show with water jets and pyrotechnics as well!

 We could feel the heat, in spite of the very hot weather and not even being that close!

 Snow White from the parade of lights.

Cubic Watermelon only 20,000 yen! $211 CAD.
 Smaller and somewhat cheaper 'heart' and 'triangle' watermelons.
8400 yen and 6300 yen respectively. ($89 and $66 CAD)

Tokyo Sky Tree
A beautiful tower, with a less than inspiring name.

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