Sunday, October 2, 2011

Raugh out Roud

Raugh out Roud (ROR) featured great stand-up comedy by Osaka based comedians:
Bill Reilly, Jade Lake, Rob 'Bucky' Buckman, Dan Dorman,
Kwame Alexander, Zach Strickland, and Edd Daggers.
It was quite impressive as for most of the comics, who as members of the Pirates of the Dotombori specialize in improv, it was their first time doing stand-up; and they all did great!

Bill Reilly

Jade Lake

Rob 'Bucky' Buckman

Awkward segue: 

Dan Dorman

Zach Strickland: relaxing before his act

 Kwame Alexander

Pocky <3

Zach Strickland

Rap Battle!

Edd Daggers

Appreciative audience

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