Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gyaru (Gal) Photoshoot

This is the first organized photo shoot that I have been involved in. It was organized by Zach, whos' blog has a link on this one.
(just look to the right -->).
The theme for this photo shoot was Gyaru, a transliteration of the word Gal from English. One of the more extreme forms that Japanese fashion has taken. The styles here have become a bit dated by about 2-5 years or so though it is still possible to see people dressed this way, everyday in Osaka. Zach and Miku, at the entrance of a UFO catcher arcade. Serious concentration.

Serious business.

Posing before the D & G store.
From left: Miku, Kate, Allison, Zach

Shooting: at the former Canadian Consulate

Climbing the walls.

Miku should be on a travel guide.

Miku at the Dotombori bridge.

Miku, Kate and Allison blending in.

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