Monday, October 6, 2008


One of the first close-up shots of a spider I have taken.
Agelena Opulenta, surrounded by leftovers on the wall of the school I teach in.

A freshly molted spider, possibly Nephila Clavata.

Tetragnata praedonia, the long-jawed spider. You can see the jaws, underneath the 4 front legs.

So this is the full size of a picture my camera takes on the highest resolution!

er... no it isn't. Looks like blogger resizes these automatically. The blogger generated image is 1067x1600.
Argiope bruennichii, Wakayama

This is how big the 'face' would be (once you click it), the original image is 2848 x 4272 pixels.

This one was waving his pedipalps up and down, busting a move.

Agelena Opulenta, found on a hedge in Wakayama.

Nephila clavata, Wakayama.
This very large spider (body length 4-5cm) builds huge webs about 1.5 to 2m across. Here it is just about to dine on a small bug that has been trapped in the web.

Courtship is dangerous!

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